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Why is Coconut Oil beneficial for your skin?

the answer is FREE RADICALS.....

Most commercial skin care products are predominantly water. Their moisture is quickly absorbed into dry, wrinkled skin. As the water enters the skin it expands the tissues, like filling a balloon with water, so that wrinkles fade away and the skin feels smoother. But this is only temporary. As soon as the water evaporates or is carried away by the blood stream, the dry, wrinkled skin returns. No matter how hard you try people will never be able to permanently cure dry, wrinkled skin with any commercial body lotion or body care products. Besides the water, most lotions have an oil of some type. This oil is almost always a highly refined vegetable oil devoid of all natural protective antioxidants. One product in our food supply and in body care products that leads to a great deal of free radicals is Oxidized Vegetable Oils.

Our skin is made up of connective tissues. These tissues give our skin strength and elasticity. When we are young and healthy the skin is smooth, elastic and supple. This is the effect of strong connective fibers. As we age, their fibers are continually subjected to free-radical attach, which breaks them down. As a result connective tissues become hardened and lose both elasticity and strength. The skin loses its ability to hold itself together and begins to sag and become wrinkled. Once young, soft and smooth, the skin turns dry and leathery.

For this reason it is good to have plenty of antioxidants in our cells and tissues to protect us. The number of antioxidants we have in our tissues is determined to a large extent by the nutrients in our diet. Having antioxidants in skin care products is important too. Dr. Ray Peat, a biochemist who has written about the antioxidant properties of coconut oil states "It is well established that dietary coconut oil reduces our need for Vitamin E, but I think its antioxidant role is more general than that and that it has both direct and indirect antioxidant activities". Coconut Oil is especially useful in fighting free radicals, as it is unrefined and hasn't been stripped of any of its natural componenets through the refining process.

Conventional body care products that are made with refined vegetable oils which have all the antioxidants stripped from them are highly prone to free-radical generation both in and outside the body. That is why eating processed vegetable oils can cause a deficiency in Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants. The antioxidants are used up fighting off free radicals causing permanent damage to connective tissues. This is also the reason why you should be careful about the type of oils you use on your skin and in your lotions, creams and lip balms. If you use a lotion, or cream, with a refined oil in it you are, in fact, causing your skin to age faster. The lotion, though it may bring temporary improvement, will actually accelerate the aging of the skin and even promote skin cancer through the free radicals that are readily formed from the refined vegetable oil.

One of the classic signs of old age is the appearance of brown, freckle-like spots, or liver spots. It is a sign of free radical deterioration of the lipids (fats) in our skin, thus the name lipofuscin. Oxidation of polyunsaturated fats and protein by free radical activity in the skin is recognized as the major cause of liver spots. Liver spots don't ordinarily hurt or show any signs of discomfort. If we couldn't see them we wouldn't even know they were there. But they do affect our health and appearance. Because cells cannot dispose of the lipofuscin pigment, it gradually accumulates within many cells of the body as we age. Once lipofuscin pigment develops it tends to stick around for life but you can prevent further osmication and perhaps even reduce the spots you already have by using the right kind of oils in your diet and on your skin.

The ideal skin product is one that is made from an oil that no only softens the skin but protects it against damage, promotes healing and gives it a more youthful, healthy appearance. Coconut oil fits that description. Pure coconut oil is the best natural ingredient for skin products available. It prevents destructive free radical formation and provides protection against them. It can help to keep the skin from developing liver spots and other blemishes caused by aging and over exposure to sunlight. It helps to keep connective tissues strong and supple so that the skin doesn't sag and wrinkle. In some cases it might even restore damaged or diseased skin. The oil is absorbed into the skin and into the cell structure of the connective tissues, limiting the damage excessive sun exposure can cause.

Coconut oil will not only bring temporary relief to the skin but it will aid in healing and repairing. It will have lasting benefits, unlike most skin products. It can help bring back a youthful appearance. The coconut oil will aid in removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, making the skin smoother. The skin will become more evenly textured with a healthy "shine". While doing this the coconut oil will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and strengthen the underlying tissues.

The healing power of Soy!

Some of the benefits of Soy are:

  • The oil expressed from the seeds has a multitude of benefits for the skin.
  • Soybean oil is 61% polyunsaturated fat and 24% monounsaturated fat.
  • The oil has a regenerative effect on the cutaneous tissues due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids and therefore enhances local circulation in the area treated to bring about revitalization of the dermis.
  • Not only is it a superb moisturizer but its intrinsic phytoestrogen content is valuable in promoting good skin care.
  • The antioxidant effect of the oil also plays a role in preventing premature aging.
  • The presence of sugars and amino acids cooperate in moisturizing the moisture of the horny layer of the skin and give it back the elasticity and flexibility that are characteristic of normal skin.

If you still have any more questions about the ingredients used in Nature's Body products please do not hesitate to contact us either by Email or call us at 386 214 2381. We would love to hear from you and perhaps give you some advice on which of our products would suit you best.

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